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Offshore Water Systems Control and Management

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Pineda Offshore Services offers a comprehensive range of services and maintenance for all types of water tanks, HVAC and piping including a 72 hours on-site availability in any specific offshore location, consultation on prevention and maintenance and specific Legionella management and control. Pineda Offshore Services also offers different services for offshore wastewater treatment.

  • Cleaning and disinfection of corroded and clogged pipelines.
  • Tank Cleaning (oil storage tanks, bilge water tanks, ballast tanks).
  • Supply and installation of water disinfection systems.
  • Offshore water and legionella management.
  • Offshore wastewater management.


Pineda Offshore Services is specialist in gas/oil rig and maintenance and support vessel water systems disinfection and legionella control. We work with a variety of technologies to disinfect fluids and surfaces. We can supply several disinfection technologies, emphasizing on environmentally friendly solutions.

Since each offshore location is unique, our advice will always be a custom solution. We guarantee the most efficient process and the best possible cleaning method with every technique having its specific advantages and its own application area.

Offshore industry water management services


Introducing Chlorine compound doses into the water resulting in a residual chemical disinfection concentration.

Hydroblasting / Flushing

Flushing hydraulic and lube oil systems with hot oil or water glycol is widely used at offshore production platforms and turbines.

Ultraviolet (UV)

Irradiating water with UV-beams.


Dissolving a low concentration of ozone into the water, standing out as a rapid environmentally friendly and highly effective water disinfection treatment.

Other technologies

Bromine, peracetic acid, iodine, copper and silver ions, potassium permanganate, phenols, detergents, hydrogen peroxide, ultrasonication…


Pineda Offshore Services conducts water sampling, analysis, quality reports and audits on gas/oil rigs and maintenance and support vessels in order to assess the chemical, microbiological and physical condition of offshore water from simple microbiological testing, such as bacteria and legionella in water testing to full chemical reports as required under regulations and legislation regarding offshore potable water management.

Pineda Offshore Services is aware of the importance to be able to prove that controls are in place to prevent any form of bacterial growth or other forms of contamination. Controls are of relevance for both compliance with regulations and to ensure offshore gas /oil rigs and offshore support vessels water systems are safe and free from any health hazard.
Our water treatment systems are customized and configured for each offshore facility requirement.

Equipments allow us to monitor, predict and control the early stages of bacterial proliferation before it becomes a problem and at the same time aiding offshore facilities to take a proactive approach improving each facility´s system risk profile, reducing operation costs and enhancing compliance with regulations.

  • Mechanical and electric dosing pumps and meters.
  • Chlorine dioxide generators.
  • Gas/oil rigs and support vessels water tanks, real-time analysis equipment.

Pineda Offshore Services can carry out a number of on-site tests allowing fast corrective action since the nature of offshore locations often makes access to onshore laboratories limited as well as the time factor as a requisite for microbiological testing.

Onshore chemical, physical and microbiological tests are carried out by accredited laboratories, guaranteeing compliance with the relevant regulations.

  • Potability: bacteria (ecoli) and some physical- chemical parameter testing.
  • Offshore Legionella specific testing.
  • Physical/Chemical testing.

Throughout the entire offshore water system, corrosion, bio-film and other problems can occur causing health and environment risks on gas and oil rigs and any offshore maintenance and service vessels, reduced efficiency and increased costs. We establish and conduct an effective offshore water management assessment, management and consultancy strategy.

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